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The EzyLite Roof Window in 650x550mm Kit is the economical solution that brings

natural light and ventilation into your home or office. Fabricated from sturdy premium

materials, these windows provide an exciting aesthetic feature without breaking

the budget.


This EzyLite Roof Window is the only window available on the shelves in DIY

 stores in Australia, so you can pick up this complete kit, “cash & carry”,

 from a Bunnings store near you, whenever you are ready to install it.

No need to order in advance and wait weeks for the unit to arrive.

It has been designed with the DIY handyman in mind and is easy to

install and requires minimal preparation or maintenance. These compact

units are fully featured and will add a touch of class to any room.


Features & Benefits

- Opens for ventilation. Control rod included

- Security / flyscreen pre-installed

- Rot-free aluminium frames, no painting required

- One model for Tile & Corrugated roofs (patent pending)

- Easy installation: flashing tray included and pre-installed; check the link for installation guide

- Safety glass: hail & fire resistant

- Made in Australia from quality materials to suit Australian standards (AS4285)


Available only in 650mm x 550mm, one unit will suit smaller rooms; or use multiple units for larger rooms (easier to install than 1 large window)

Like the larger PLUS Roof Windows, the 650x550mm Roof Window frames are fabricated from high strength Aluminium, not from timber. This ensures a superior long-lasting product without the need for painting or the risk of ROT!

Our simple, one-piece assembly means easy installation, with no time wasted assembling the window and flashing kit. We use quality zincalume flashings to ensure long-lasting durability.

EzyLite Roof Windows can be installed to roofs with a pitch as low as 5 degrees. Our Windows are designed to be weatherproof when partially opened, even in light rain fall.

The 650x550mm Roof Windows are glazed with 5mm toughened safety glass, which is hail and fire resistant. They feature a metal mesh security/flyscreen and a sturdy chain operator to open the window. We even include an extendable control rod in the box, so there is no need to buy any other accessories: all included in the complete kit.




3m Extendable

Control Rod Included





D.I.Y made E.Z.Y

Solutions for Australian homes!

EzyLite caters for a range of energy saving products for your home or office.

Please select the relevant product below for further information.


The Specular Skylight (also called a ‘Flexible Shaft Skylight’) consists of a domed roof assembly with a reflective shaft, which is concealed inside the roof cavity. At ceiling level this skylight is comprised of a square or circular frame housing a diffuser to soften and distribute light. These products are often added to existing buildings or structures to provide light for gloomy areas. EzyLites and TradeLites are examples of Specular Skylights.


The Roof Window is literally a window in the roof. These are usually installed at the time of construction or during renovations; although they can also be retrospectively fitted. Installation of these fixtures requires the involvement of tradesmen as the shaft for the window will need to be framed out and plastered. Roof Windows can be opening windows or fixed windows depending on the needs of the customer.



Consider the look you are hoping to achieve in your home. Flexible Shaft Skylights are extremely functional while remaining unobtrusive to the eye. Roof Windows can create a real feature in any home by offering a new and dramatic vista of the outside world. Opening windows also offer ventilation and air circulation to enhance your home’s feel as well as look.




Another factor to take into account when choosing the skylight that is right for you is the size of the area to be illuminated. Like any window the primary function of a skylight is to transmit the ambient light from outside your home to inside your home. The larger the room, the larger the skylight needs to be. You wouldn’t put one tiny window in the wall of a large family room and expect the room to be filled with light. The same principle applies here.




Also take into account your furnishings and décor. Rooms with dark walls or furniture often need more light to brighten them up. You may find that going up an extra size for a room with darker décor is a wise move.


Length of Shaft


Another factor for your consideration is the distance between the roof and the ceiling. The greater the distance the light must travel, the more the integrity of the light that reaches ceiling level may be compromised. While this is not a large problem with Roof Windows it is far more crucial with Flexible Shaft Skylights. Our Skylights are supplied standard with 2 metres of shaft. This is because we have found that this is the optimal length of shaft to maximize the light transmission.


However, there will be occasions when 2 metres of shaft is insufficient to bridge the ceiling cavity and greater lengths of shaft will be required. Remember, the further the light is required to travel down the shaft the more the intensity of the light which reaches the room below is reduced. Imagine looking down a long tunnel, while it may be very bright at the other end of the tunnel very little of that light will reach you at your end of the tunnel. The principle is the same. This can be overcome by increasing the size of the skylight. This will allow more light to enter the skylight and thus more light to reach the room below. We would suggest that you increase the size of the skylight by a factor of 100mm for every metre, or part thereof, of additional shaft you need to attach.


What’s in the Roof?


Consider also, the contents of you ceiling cavity. Electrical wiring, air conditioning and heating ducting, even water pipes inside the ceiling can all interfere with the size or placement of a skylight. Always take the time to conduct a quick inspection of the site before deciding on the size or shape of your skylight. Some of these fittings may not be easily relocated.

Remember the right skylight makes all the difference to the final result.

What Skylight do I need?

We have a Skylight that's perfect for you!

There are two main varieties of skylight available to customers, each offering different attributes and different features. These varieties are the Specular Skylight, and the Roof Window.

Roof Windows

The EzyLite is the ideal DIY product, constructed with a soft malleable aluminium soaker tray which can be easily formed to suit your roof profile. The dome is made from tough, impact resistant, molded acrylic which filters out 95% of UV Radiation.

The EzyLite is perfect for smaller rooms such as Toilets, Ensuites and Laundries.


Features & Benefits


Available in 300mm round or 400mm round sizes.

Durable, aluminium soaker tray can be molded to suit either tile or corrugated roofs.

Comes complete with a standard 2 metre length of flexible Mylar Shaft.

Topped with an impact resistant molded acrylic dome.

One piece roof assembly for simple installation.

Complete with ceiling ring, diffuser and all the fixings.

EzyLite 300 & EzyLite 400

EZ300 & EZ400


Bunnings Fineline:
EZ300 - 0820077
EZ400 - 0820079

Install Instructions

TradeLites are an unobtrusive way to bring light to dim rooms and areas without sacrificing privacy. If the idea of  natural sunlight streaming across your breakfast table appeals to you, or you simply want to reduce your power bills, then the EzyLite TradeLite is the product for you.


The TradeLites have a tough acrylic dome, which filters out 95% of UV Radiation, while the soaker tray is made from highly durable, rust- resistant zinc, and fabricated to match your roof profile. This means you can have complete confidence that your skylight will withstand the worst of conditions.


The TradeLite is perfect for larger areas such as Offices, Kitchens and Living Areas.


Features & Benefits


- Available in 400mm and 550mm square kits.

- Zinc Soaker tray folded to suit tile or corrugated roofs.

- Comes complete with a standard 2 metre length of flexible Mylar Shaft.

- Topped with an impact resistant molded acrylic dome.

- One piece roof assembly for simple installation.

- Complete with ceiling frame, diffuser and all the fixings.

How to install your EzyLight Skylight

TradeLite 400 & TradeLite 550

SKA4 & SKA55

Bunnings Finelines:
400 x 400mm: 131 905

550 x 550mm: 131 906

Install Instructions


Solar Light FAQ

solar lights

Install Instructions

Ezylite Solar Light - Skylight Alternative





Bunnings Fineline: 0811060  0811061 & 0811214

The EzyLite DIY Solar Light is the perfect solution for applications where a normal skylight installation is just not feasible. The Solar Light utilises a roof-mounted solar panel and an attractive ceiling level light panel to emulate the functionality of a traditional skylight. Don’t let the usual obstacles which prevent skylight installation impact on your lifestyle.  Ideal for everywhere the sun don’t shine.


Features & Benefits


- 100% Solar Powered

- Suits multiple level buildings

- No mains power required

- Simple Installation

- Reduced building energy consumption

- Modern, low profile design

Sizes Available


- 250mm Round

- 300 x 300mm Square

- 450 x 450mm Square


Roof Window FAQ

flexible shaft skylights

Skylight FAQ

Install Instructions

Roof Window PLUS

Opening Roof Windows


Bunnings Special Order

Solar Blockout Blind & Flyscreen as Standard!

EzyLite Skylights manufactures an extensive range of quality Roof Windows to suit every situation.


Our Roof Window PLUS model is available in a range of standard size roof windows. We are sure you will find a window that meets your needs.


Our Windows are designed to be installed in almost any new or existing structure and allow designers, architects, renovators and builders the opportunity to bring light, air and life into any part of a building.




- All EzyLite’s window frames are fabricated from High Strength Aluminium, not from painted timber. This ensures a superior long-lasting product without the need for painting or the risk of ROT!

- Ezy-Lite Roof Windows can be installed to roofs with a pitch as low as 5 degrees.

- Our Windows are designed to be weatherproof when partially opened, even in light rain fall. The Roof Window's sash profile is shaped to shed rain, ice and snow.

- Our simple, one-piece assembly means easy installation, with no time wasted building the window yourself.

- Roof Window PLUS


* All of our Opening windows are supplied standard with a fitted Flyscreen and Solar Blockout Blind for increased versatility.

- All EzyLite Roof Window PLUS windows are glazed with Viridian SmartGlass*, a hardcoat Low E glass providing optimum solar control and insulation for your windows.

- EzyLite Roof Window PLUS windows can be fabricated with Colorbond® external flashings to ensure the best possible appearance for your home. (Standard finish Zincalume)

- EzyLite Roof Window PLUS windows are fabricated with a roof-specific soaker tray (Tile or Corrugated) to ensure the highest quality finish.

- Don’t forget the Roof Window PLUS is all about choice. Options available include -  Motorized Opening Mechanisms, Remote Controls, Manual control rods and Rain Sensors.

Standard Features

Standard Sizes

Optional Accessories

What is SmartGlass?


Viridian SmartGlass is an Australian manufactured energy efficient glass that reflects heat to actively insulate your home’s roof. The unique Hard

Low-E coating reflects Australia's notorious summer heat away from your windows, keeping your home cooler. At night or during winter, it reflects heat inward, keeping your home warmer. This reduces your heating and cooling bills year round.

Standard Roof Window PLUS Sizes



  800mm x 550mm

1000mm x 550mm

1400mm x 550mm


1000mm x 800mm

1400mm x 800mm







All dimensions are the external dimensions of the Window Frame. This is the absolute minimum size required for penetration.



240V Motor Drive & Remote


For out of reach Windows, this Power & Play, RF Remote Control system puts a touch of luxury to your natural lighting solutions.

240V  Rain Sensor


Our RF Rain Sensor will sense the slightest rain on your windows and automatically close any Motor Drive Windows in a 30 metre radius.

Optional Accessory - Extension Rod & Hook Kit


Extendable control rod (1.8 - 3m) for high windows.

Colorbond Flashing


External Colorbond colours allow you to compliment your roof for the complete professional look.

Click the chart to the right to view a printable PDF of the standard Colorbond colours available with the Roof Window PLUS range.

The EzyLite DIY Solar Light is the latest multipurpose lighting solution that is solar powered during daylight hours, replacing  your 240v lighting fitting after sunset. Therefore mimicking natural light during daylight hours whilst operating as a standard light fitting at night.



All electrical work MUST be carried out by a qualified electrician. If you are replacing a light fitting you may have an existing GPO/ Surface socket in roof cavity to plug straight into.


Features & Benefits

- Powdercoated white frame

- Solar and mains power

- Suits multiple level buildings

- Simple Installation

- Reduced building energy consumption

- Modern, low profile design

Sizes Available


- 300 x 300mm Square

- 450 x 450mm Square


Solar Roof Vent 200mm



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Install Instructions

The EzyLite Solar Roof Vent is the superior Roof Venting solution.


Heat and moisture can spell disaster when it comes to your home. But just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Hiding in your roof space and causing expensive damage..  By providing your home with ongoing ventilation the EzyLite Solar Vent eliminates moisture and reduces heat build-up, keeping your home cool in summer and protecting it from damp during the winter.


Features & Benefits


- Solar Powered Extraction Fan

- Reduce Air Conditioning &   Electricity usage

- Simple DIY Installation

- Modern, sleek, low profile design
- 8 Watt

- 400CFM (Cubic feet per minute)*

Premium Solar Roof Vent 200mm



Bunnings Fineline:

Install Instructions

The EzyLite Premium Solar Roof Vent is the superior Roof Venting solution.


Top of the line, the Ezylite premium solar roof vent offers all the features of our standard models whilst also incorporating state of the art thermal technology offering an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery pack.


The premium solar vent is the ideal solution to for humid summer




Features & Benefits


- Thermostat Controlled

- Lithium Storage Cell

- 30° thermostat governed operation

- Solar Powered Extraction Fan



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The EzyLite Solar Roof Vent is the superior Roof Venting solution.


Designed with the harsh Australian climate in mind, the EzyLite Solar Roof Vent is manufactured from the highest grade materials.


The robust Soaker tray is ideal for installation to either a tile
or corrugated roof and the slimline design means it will
unobtrusive to the eye. Combined with its silent operation,
the EzyLite Solar Vent is the obvious choice.


- 5 Watt

- 195CFM (Cubic feet per minute)*

Solar Roof Vent 150mm


Bunnings Fineline:

Install Instructions

Static Roof Vent



Bunnings Fineline:

Install Instructions

Sturdy, durable and made from the highest quality weather resistant materials, the ACOL Skylights Static Roof Vent offers all the performance of standard roof venting systems but in a slimline, low profile finish which is designed to complement your homes appearance.


The EzyLite Roof Vent is the economical solution for your roof ventilation requirements.


Features & Benefits


- Passively reduces heat from Roof Cavity.

- Superior thermal transmission.

- Simple four step installation.

- Australian Standards Compliant.

- Modern, Sleek, Low Profile Design.

- Suits Tile & Corrugated Roofs.

Roof Ventilation

Install Instructions

Ezylite HYBRID Solar Light - Skylight Alternative



Fineline: 0095851



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Roof Vent FAQ